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Success Likelihood - Golf

golf test Whether in sports or life in general, our biggest obstacle on the road to success and our biggest critic is often ourselves. As odd as it may seem, many individuals, despite their desire to achieve greatness, will often sabotage their own success. On a golf course riddled with hazards, the last thing a golfer needs is another obstacle on the way to the green!

golf test When it comes to success, there are a number of psychological factors that can hold someone back. A fear of failure or a fear of making a mistake are issues that most people have likely dealt with on the golf course. However, research on success likelihood has also indicated that a fear of the social consequences of success (e.g. jealousy from friends), and even a fear of success itself are also be inhibitory factors. In addition, a lack of ambition (or in some cases, too much), low self-esteem, and an external locus of control can also complicate matters.

The goal of The Success Likelihood Test is to determine a person's potential for success, and reveal any obstacles that could hold him or her back. Although there are many people and external elements that could get in the way of success, ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether to step up to the next level, and how far to go.