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Athlete Success Evaluation (A.S.E.) - Individual and Team Sports

athletic tests For years, researchers have been delving deep into the psychological make-up of elite athletes in order to determine the traits and skills that allow them to stand head and shoulders above their peers. Equipped with this knowledge, coaches and scouts can gain greater insight and understanding into which athletes can be both a physical and mental competitor.

athletic tests As any elite athlete would know, a game or competition starts long before they walk out of the locker room. While raw talent can provide the basis for a good performance, it is the psyche that turns it into a great one. Studies have shown time and again that successful athletes tend to possess a certain psychological make-up that allows them to be successful. Not only are they confident and committed to success and self-improvement, but they also possess a conscientious work ethic. In addition, psychologically strong athletes show exceptional mental focus and emotional stability. For these competitors, mind and body are one.

The Athlete Success Evaluation (for team or individual sports) assesses the extent to which an individual possesses the psychological characteristics needed to succeed in his or her sport of choice.